The CME director is available to speak with Edgewood faculty about responding to difficult issues that arise in their teaching and about designing courses or class session that deliberately attend to questions of equity, diversity, and inclusion aligned with Edgewood’s strategic framework.

Confidentiality Policy

The Center for Multicultural Education is a college-wide resource for the Edgewood teaching community. Its goals are to promote inclusive excellence in teaching through dialogue, inquiry, and scholarship, and to offer faculty formative feedback and an opportunity for reflection on their teaching practice. In order to fulfill these goals, the Center commits to offering a trustworthy environment to those it serves, and thus has established the following policies. These polices were created by the Center’s advisory board with representation from all of Edgewood’s schools, and are aligned with the Ethical Guidelines for Educational Developers developed by the national POD Network in Higher Education. Please address any questions or concerns to the Center’s director.