Inclusion Resources


This area of the site is organized alphabetically by focus area of inclusion.  Scroll down the page to find resources related to each topic area. 

Note that the title of each area of focus is a folder that is linked to resources on that topic.  Resources include "In Classroom" and "Out of Classroom" research articles, checklists, templates, links to related campus resources and video/webinar resources.  You will also find the name of one or more campus contacts listed in case you would like to connect with that person for dialogue or support. 

Click on the link above to find resources that will support your efforts to hold meaningful discussions with your students about the events in Charlottesville.

Click the link above to find definitions, case studies and other resources to support welcoming environments for students of color inside the classroom and in other areas of campus life.  

Click the link above to find resources, teaching checklists and other materials that support teaching and learning for students of diverse language backgrounds. Students who are bilingual and still mastering Academic English include a variety of distinct populations. These include:

1. Some of our international students

2. Some of our students who come from local or national bilingual communities

3. Some of our students who speak dialects of English that differ from the Academic English spoken in college classrooms.

Critical race theory:  

Click on the title link above to find articles, videos, teaching checklists and other resources that support our efforts to create more welcoming and inclusive environments for undocumented students.

Click on the link above to find resources and teaching checklists that support welcoming classroom environments for students of all gender identifications. 

The resources in this folder have been collected and shared by Edgewood College faculty and staff with the hope of furthering our active participation in community-wide efforts to overcome racism and racial injustice.

Click on the title link above to find resources on supporting our International students at Edgewood College.

Click on the link above to find information and resources that support inclusive learning environments and a welcoming campus climate for veteran students.

Click on the link above to find resources, videos and articles that will support your compliance with Title IX requirements inside the classroom and across campus.

Click on the link above to find lesson design strategies, teaching checklists and other resources that support learning for all students regardless of learning styles and abilities. 
Universal design for learning (UDL) refers to ....