EC Policies & Statements


Our mission as a Dominican Catholic institution of higher education calls us to the intentional pursuit of justice. We commit to doing the challenging work of building an inclusive learning community with a focus on students, faculty and staff from historically marginalized populations. We demonstrate a culture of inclusion by making sure that issues of and actions toward inclusion are central to every aspect of our daily work. We also recognize our role in setting an example within the greater Madison community to further advance ongoing efforts toward actual diversity and inclusion achievements. We strive to recognize, respect, and support the intersections of diverse identities as critical points of strength, learning, and growth.

Edgewood College welcomes to its learning community women and men of diverse backgrounds, religious affiliations, ethnic and racial identification, and sexual orientations. Our recently revised college inclusion statement is still in draft form, but will be available on this site soon.


If an Edgewood military/veteran student is called to active duty while currently enrolled the student must present a copy of the official orders to the Director of Military & Veterans Services. Students have three options depending on the length of the activation: take a temporary leave of absence, withdraw completely or take incompletes in their courses.

1.     If the student is being temporarily activated for duty, including annual and/or monthly training, or mobilized:

  • The student may take a leave of absence from the course.
    • Student needs to inform professor of absence dates ahead of the absence.
    • Student will not be penalized for missed classroom time, but is responsible to complete any coursework that was assigned during dates of absence.

 2.     If the student is being mobilized or deployed for an extended period of time or is being reassigned or transferred permanently:

  • The student may withdraw from classes immediately.
    • Edgewood will not hold the student accountable for tuition-related expenses for the term, session, or semester.
    • Edgewood will return any tuition it has received to the VA as soon as the withdrawal is completed. No payment will be made to the student by Edgewood during this refund.
    • The student will be responsible for the repayment of any funds that the student received from the VA while currently enrolled as a result of the withdrawal.
    • A "W" will be represented on the student’s official transcript to show the withdrawal.

- or -

  • The student may request a grade of "incomplete" from their current professors.
    • If the student has completed a substantial portion of the course and required coursework, the professor may approve the student request for an "incomplete" in the course as long as a timeline to complete the work has been established.
    • An extension for the completion of the "incomplete" grade may be requested by the student, which requires approval from the professor, if the student’s active duty requirement extends beyond the normal time limit for "incomplete" grades to be completed. Please refer to the catalog for incomplete guidelines.


  • Edgewood College Disabilities Services' Mission and Values:
    Edgewood College Disabilities Services’ mission is to be partners in creating an accessible college community where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of the educational experience. Through partnership with students, faculty, and staff, we promote students’ independence and recognition of a student’s ability, not disability.Values Faculty! Download and use this syllabus template that includes Edgewood College's ADA statement, along with contact and support information for students.  This syllabus is created in an accessible format, easy to use for students with a variety of disabilities that require the use of a screen reader.  Syllabus Template UDL 2016(1).docx 


For a downloadable, printable statement that includes scope and purpose, roles and responsibilities, click here:  EC Equal Opportunity Statement[1].pdf 


Go to this link to download the full booklet that outlines student rights and responsibilities at Edgewood College.


The attached document details our Edgewood College policies regarding sexual assault and violence.  The document also details grievance procedures.
To download and print the statement, click on this link:  Sexual Assault & Violence Policy Rev July 2016 _1_.pdf
For further information and support, contact: 

Madison Mayer, College Campus Counselor/Advocate with Rape Crisis Center (RCC), DeRicci 206 (in Student Resources Center), 608-663-2281

Rape Crisis Center 24/7 Helpline: (608) 251-7273

Pam Lavalliere, HR Director and Title IX Coordinator at


Title IX makes it clear that violence and harassment based on sex and gender are Civil Rights offenses subject to the same kinds of accountability and the same kinds of support applied to offenses against other protected categories such as race, national origin, etc. If you or someone you know has been harassed or assaulted, here are some resources to consider:

 Confidential Resources:

  • Counseling Services: Megan Cobb or Stephanie Brown,, 663-2281, DER 206
  • Rape Crisis Services: 
  • Health Services: Kimberly Moreland, 663-3262, PRD 209,  
  • Dominican Life: Mary Klink, 663-3451, PRD 222, 
  • Dane County Rape Crisis Center: 2801 Coho St #301, Madison WI  53713, (608) 251-7273

Non-Confidential Resources: