The Vice President of Academic Affairs at Edgewood College authorized the Center for Multicultural Education and Ethnic Studies (Center) as an academic entity in 2005. The Center serves as the academic home for Ethnic Studies program, and the institutional center for multicultural teaching, scholarship, and learning at Edgewood College. The following central mission guides the Center:


The mission of the Center is to support, promote, and advance the themes of the 2017 Edgewood College Strategic Framework of Inclusion, Student Learning, and Community Impact through a lens of multicultural inquiry, understanding, communication, and faculty engagement to affirm the identity, mission, vision, and promise of Edgewood College.

Center Structure:

The mission of the Center is best realized through attention to content, pedagogy, and pedagogical content knowledge. Thus, the Center is comprised of two programs with distinct areas of primary focus – Multicultural Education (CME) and Ethnic Studies (ETHS).  Faculty co-directors lead each program with the support of a program coordinator. The Center for Multicultural Education and Ethnic Studies are guided by one Advisory Board.

Programmatic Foci :

The Multicultural Education Program focuses on the development of faculty knowledge, skills, and understanding to advance equitable learning environments for students, as well as the cultivation of cultural humility across the whole of Academic Affairs related to the strategic goals of Edgewood College and the CME.

The Ethnic Studies Program focuses on the interdisciplinary academic program as expressed through the major and minor, as well as student-led inquiry, faculty scholarship, development, and programming, and disciplinary methodologies related to the goals of the major and minor. 

The goals of each program share numerous points of overlap and are attainable through collaboration.  In addition to the two programs being knowledgeable about each other’s work to maximize resources and prevent duplicity, collaboration with each other on specific initiatives that support the goals of each area, particularly in the areas of faculty development and programming, is enriching.  


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Ernise Williams, PhD, RN
Co-Director, Center for Multicultural Education
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Brian A Whitmore
Program Coordinator, Center for Multicultural Education & Ethnic Studies Program

Edgewood College
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Office: DeRicci 203
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