About Us

Multicultural Education Program:

The vision of the Multicultural Education Program is to be a recognized primary institutional resource for faculty development leadership for inclusive models of learning, and scholarship at Edgewood College; and as an engaged, innovative, partner in the greater Madison community towards the pursuit of social justice.


The goals of the Multicultural Education Program (CME) are to:

  • Assist faculty in developing and utilizing multicultural pedagogy in the classroom
  • Support multicultural research and scholarship
  • Raise awareness of multicultural issues and perspective in higher education
  • Enhance faculty’s interactions with diverse communities within and outside of the College
  • Collaborate and build partnerships with other campus colleagues and units who have diversity and inclusion leadership roles, expertise, and interest
  • Participate in campus initiatives and events aimed at developing equitable learning environments for students from historically marginalized backgrounds; and
  • Cultivate relationships and partnerships with multicultural student organizations and their members