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Teaching for Diversity Series 2014-2015

Spring 2015 Series

Race in the Classroom: 
"Racial Moments" and Critical Interventions

When: Wednesday, March 4
Time: 4:00-5:30pm
Where: Predolin 115A

Professors Carolyn Field, 
Donna Vukelich-Selva, 
Marihelen Stoltz, 
& Maria Yelle

Professor Huining Ouyang 

Please click here for event poster. For the panelists’ biographical notes, please click here.

Refreshments will be served.

The event is sponsored by the Center for Multicultural Education and Ethnic Studies Program. 


Fall 2014 Series

Race in the Classroom:
Identity Politics and Critical Pedagogies

Thursday, October 16
4:00-5:30 P.M.
Lake Room, Regina Hall 
Panelists: Dr. Talonda Lipsey-Brown, Dr. Sara Collas, 
and Dr. Huining Ouyang 

How do teachers' social identities and racial ideologies impact their teaching practices, experiences with students and families of color, and commitment to teach?  What are the most effective praxis that will enable teachers and scholars to foster powerful, transformative learning in teaching antiracism to predominantly white students in the college classroom? In what ways can we create a constructive learning space that allows students to engage in open, thoughtful examinations of racial justice?

These are some of the key questions we will explore at this panel. From multiple disciplinary perspectives and diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, we will share our research, stories, and strategies in teaching race and identities in secondary and higher education.  Together, our voices speak to the centrality of race in the classroom, the need for both educators and students to develop a critical awareness of identities, power, and privilege, and the possibilities as well as challenges for teaching antiracism and cultivating a commitment to social justice.  

Please click here for the event poster. For the panelists' biographical notes, please click here.