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Dr. Laura Rendón

Laura Rendon

On March 24, 2011, we successfully launched the CME Distinguished Lecture Series. The Inaugural Lecture, “Sentipensante (Sensing/Thinking) Pedagogy: A Contemplative Approach to Multiculturism and Social Justice,” was delivered by Dr. Laura Rendón, Professor of Higher Education at the University of Texas-San Antonio and the author of Sentipensante (Sensing/Thinking) Pedagogy: Educating for Wholeness, Social Justice and Liberation (Stylus, 2008).

The inaugural events were made possible by the CME and COR partnership; the support and assistance by the Dean of School and Integrative Studies, CME Advisory Board, Marketing and Communications, Student Development, Campus Assistance Center, and Dining Services; and the generous financial contributions from Human Resources Diversity Fund, General Education Transformational Funds, the Heideman Education Across Boundries Fund, and Educational Programming Board Grant.