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ALANA Faculty Support

Please join us for the ALANA Faculty Gatherings! All Edgewood faculty of color, full-time or part-time, are welcome!

Initiated in fall 2008 as part of the CME support for the advancement of ALANA (African American, Latin@/Chican@, Asian American, and Native American) faculty, our gatherings provide opportunities for community building, networking, and peer support, and offer a safe space to address issues of promotion, tenure, and leadership.

Each semester, we meet about three times over lunch, dinner, or refreshments courtesy of CME. In fall 2012, we reconnected and welcomed new members at Pasqual’s Hilldale (Aug. 21), dialogued with the new VPAA on issues of ALANA faculty hiring and retention (Sept. 24), and discussed our vision for ALANA faculty advancement at our end-of-the-semester gathering (Nov. 28).