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About Us

The Center for Multicultural Education (CME) was founded in 2005 as the institutional center and academic home for multicultural teaching, research, and learning at Edgewood College.

Approved by its Advisory Board, the Center’s mission and goals are as follows:

The Center for Multicultural Education advances multicultural inquiry, understanding, and engagement in order to affirm the mission and identity of Edgewood College.

We strive to achieve these primary goals:

  • Assist faculty in developing and utilizing multicultural pedagogy in the classroom
  • Support multicultural research and scholarship
  • Raise awareness of multicultural issues and perspectives in higher education
  • Offer scholarly expertise in relation to institutional practices and decisions regarding multicultural issues
  • Cultivate partnerships with diverse communities within and outside of the College
  • Provide leadership and consultation to develop and implement multicultural curriculum
  • Maintain and enhance the Ethnic Studies Program

CME has contributed strongly to several major academic and strategic initiatives of the College:

  • Provided leadership in developing and implementing the new General Education curriculum, especially the Multicultural Perspectives (D tag) requirement
  • Played an active role in developing and implementing the College’s Plan for Inclusion 2010-2013, and integrating the Inclusion Plan into the Academic Plan 2011-2016
  • Sponsored or co-sponsored many scholarly as well as community multicultural events
  • Strengthened campus-wide faculty, staff, and student development through such programs as the CME Distinguished Lecture Series, Teaching for Diversity Series, and ALANA faculty gatherings. 

CME also oversees the Ethnic Studies major and minor within the School of Integrative Studies.